The Pearly Gates
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The Pearly Gates – One Hour Series – Drama

This provocative and dynamic series centers around the Pearly family and their mortuary business: the Pearly Gates. Mr. and Mrs. Pearly have been married for thirty years and have three adult children who help them run the business. Although they are a family possessed of strong faith, they all have their challenges walking a righteous path. Their son is a cross-dressing cosmetologist, whose sexual identity is evolving. Having suffered from a childhood trauma, their youngest girl struggles with substance abuse issues. Their eldest daughter, wanting no part of the funeral business, goes away to college, marries a sexy Latino and never looks back.

When the patriarch of the family dies, the oldest daughter returns home for the funeral and is quilted into staying to help save the failing family business. With a cast of richly complex and nuanced characters, this series touches on current issues. The show sheds light on subjects such as; the epidemic escalation of police violence being rained down on African American communities, how African American men living on the “down low” are spreading HIV in the African American community and the growing divide between affluent and economically disenfranchised African Americans and how that plays out within the family. Many other controversial social issues will be tackled in subtle and thought-provoking ways.