The Madam of Monroe
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The Madam of Monroe – One Hour Series - Drama

After the death of her husband, a wealthy socialite – of mature years – begins a meaningless dalliance with her Adonis-like landscaper. When she learns hers is not the only “garden” he has been tending, this church-going pillar of society has an unusual, if not brilliant, idea. If her garden needs a bit of attention from time to time, so might other women of her ilk.

She builds a stable of gifted and well-equipped landscapers and starts an exclusive male escort service for the affluent women of her town. The Madam’s landscaping staff provides a variety of unique services to satiate the appetites of her most demanding clients. Under her assiduous care, the business expands in leaps and bounds. Her clients are quite diverse and come in all hues and include doctors, judges, school teachers, politicians, and housewives, etc. The one thing they share in common is that they all have the most well-manicured “gardens” and the broadest smiles in all of Monroe County.