Back to My Roots
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Back to My Roots – Movie – Drama

A bigoted tobacco farmer is on the verge of losing the farm which has been in his family for two hundred years. Although time has continued to march forward, he is unseverably tethered to the past; the old south. From his dilapidated porch a worn confederate flag waves in the Alabama breeze. Unfortunately, his farm is not the only thing failing, his health is too.

Having no immediate family, he joins Ancestry.com to find a relative who might be a DNA match. Month after month he logs in to the site hoping to find a leaf on his barren family tree. Then it happens. One glorious day, a single beautiful leaf appears on his tree. He jumps for joy over the potentially life-saving discovery. But, there was no way that this missing link of a man could have been prepared for the life-altering changes that single leaf was about to bring into his life. When he clicks on the leaf and discovers that the distant relative who may be a perfect donor match is a Black South African, he is forced to examine his racist views.

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