Our Vision: To provide bold, diverse, high quality entertainment works!


Our Mission: To develop and produce entertainment works for a discerning and diverse global community, through creative writings that focus on real life concerns which engage the imagination and uplift the human spirit!

Our Team

Sudanya Kirk
President/CEO & Writer
Sudanya Kirk, is a gifted creative writer with a voice uniquely her own. She has a passion for writing movies of substance and nuance that deal with real life issues. Her first screenplay, Roman Nights, was born out of her deep desire to create timeless works that touch the heart...
Lyndon E. Murray
Chief Operating Officer & Producer
Lyndon E. Murray, is a seasoned management and leadership executive. His unique ability as a bridge builder to bring people and projects together for a common cause over the last 30 years has helped the organizations he represented become very successful. Mr. Murray has served in executive leadership positions in...
Elizabeth Pearson
Creative Executive
Elizabeth Pearson is Vivid Productions' Creative Executive.  She is responsible for finding and developing stories and screenplays that will make successful films. The films may be for general release or festival screenings. In addition, she plays a vital role in raising development finance, packaging films, and securing pre-sales and distribution agreements,...
Kimberly R. Collins
Executive Assistant
Kimberly R. Collins, a seasoned Executive Assistant with over 30 years’ experience is Vivid’s backbone. She has the unique ability to understand multifaced industries there by levering those skills to provide executive level support. As a former Marine, she has traveled the world and is able to provide a world...